Where is the remote?

11 Nov

Why is it that bad days are much more fun to write about than good ones?  Hm. *stroking imaginary mustache*  Though a day may be considered to be “good” and worthy of celebration, it usually makes for dull reading.  Le sigh.  

So, who’s in need of some excitement?  How about you there?

My morning was the epitome of starting off on the wrong foot.  Jaden, my daughter, woke up a victim of the pod people.  Surely my almost-seven-year-old would never be so argumentative or grouchy.  No, not her.  My kitchen was completely devoid of cereal, meaning that I had to actually make breakfast for the kids.  The horror.  No one should be waiting for a skillet to heat up at 7am.  Then, after marveling to the reflection in the mirror about how well my hair had turned out, my dog decided to take a stroll in the rain.  Said stroll started out my back door, looped several times through my neighbor’s yard almost ended once when I caught his collar (which he then slid out of) and finally came to a rest near our driveway when he realized that I would literally kill him if he didn’t go back inside the house.  *huffffff*  After ten minutes of chasing my glee-filled pup in the pouring rain with the hubs, I stomped back inside dripping wet and smelling of dog…scratch that, smelling of wet dog.  Fan-freakin’-tastic.  What’s that, I only had three minutes before I needed to be out the door?  No problem.  Just give me a second to freeze time.  Oh wait.  I can’t.  *huffff x’s two* 

Thankfully, my equally wet husband took Fisher to school for me while I tried in vain to beat my hair into submission once again.  No luck.  The previously attained perfection was a one time deal.  No rain checks.  *shaking fist at sky*  Irony tis a cruel mistress.

After fifteen minutes and no time left, I rushed to the back door on my way to work.  This may be a good time to pause and make the point that car keys go a long way when you’re in a rush to get to work.  You guessed it.  No car keys.  Somehow, in the chaos of trying to corral my fiesty, furry beast, my keys had slid onto the floor and under the kitchen table.  It only took me ten minutes to find them.  Only.

So, there you have it folks.  My bad day…or, at least my bad morning.  I hate to complain, but it’s just so much more exciting than saying, “Gee, my day was swell.”    I aim to please.  *bowing in gratitude*  Please, hold your applause.  *wink*

P.S.   I’m pretty sure that the dog has hidden the TV remote somewhere outside…because it sure as heck isn’t inside my house.

P.P.S    I want these gloves soooo bad.  They’re only $90.  *clutching heart*


One Response to “Where is the remote?”

  1. sherri November 11, 2009 at 3:51 AM #

    I agree….your morning was the pits, but the gloves are fab! I guess you had better get to knitting…loves!!!

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