3 Nov

After a week of awful, mass-produced Pinot Grigio, my resolve to wait until Wednesday, (grocery day), to buy a bottle of red wine dissolved.  Too ashamed am I to disclose the name of the Pinot Grigio I have suffered through these past few days; just let me say that it was disgusting.  However, that’s what I get for not doing my homework.

Too lazy was I today to research what red I wanted to buy this week, so I headed off to the only decent wine store in town to pick up a bottle of 337 Cabernet.  Much to my surprise and excitement, I discovered that 337 had a sister wine out, the 181 Merlot.  Oh, how painful indecision can be.  Thankfully, the ever-so-helpful wine manager invited me to the back to try the 181 for myself.  Yumness. I usually go with Clos de Bois when it comes to Merlot, but 181 has now stolen first place.

After a sip or two…or three, I got to try a sweet, red Dornfelder from Germany.  I know, sweet red wine?  Who in their right mind would drink such?  I must say, as far as sweet red wine goes, it was okay.  Much better than the Folie a Deux Menage a Trois Red 2007…yuck.   Still, its not really something I enjoy; I like my red wine to be dry.  That said, I believe the Dornfelder would be a good introductory red wine for anyone who has either never had wine before or only likes white wine. 

Being the wine neophyte that I am, I can not say with full confidence whether or not the 181 was a truly phenomenal wine.  I can, however, say that it was utterly fabulous as an every day wine and I would highly recommend it to anyone, any day.

So, go forth my readers.  Hit up your local wine merchant for some 181 / Dornfelder and enjoy the bliss that comes from sipping on wine.


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