Prune-y Fingers

29 Oct

I need a bath.  It’s not like I’ve been rolling in the mud, but more like, “I’ve had a long day and thus I must steam my worries away.”  It’s just as effective as steaming the grout in your kitchen, and it leaves your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom. 

I had originally decided to wait until after supper was eaten and cleaned up before I submerged myself in some “soft crack stage” water. One look at the recipe I’d chosen for tonight, however, and I was peeling clothes off as I made my way to the back of the house.  (No worries, I’d only managed to slip out of my shoes, coat and cardigan before I made it to the bedroom…can’t scare the kiddies) 

Ahh, if only my bathtub were that cool.  Seriously.  Four knobs, three shower heads and four faucets?!  That’s a bath.  (Don’t forget the bubbles) 
Am I the only one who reverts back to a child as soon as I step toe into a bathtub?  I’m a shower person by trade, but every once in a while I’ll take a bath.  That is when the kid in me comes to life…or at least out of hiding.  I feel confident in saying that the majority of children use the bathtub not only for it’s intended purpose, but as an amusement park as well.
My imagination runs wild with the addition of hot water:  First, I had to lay as flat as I could in the bottom of the bathtub.  A hard task for a 5’6″ lady like myself.  This way I could see how long it would take for the water to reach my ears.  The anticipation was almost too much to bear.  I love how the pitch of the running water changes as the water level rises.  Closer….closer….aaand mute!  Then comes the joy of the distortion of sound as it travels through water.  Sponge Bob sounds pretty darn neat from under water, if I do say so myself.  With the TV playing in the next room, I could not only chill out in a hot bath but I could also be entertained by Mr. Crabs’ witty comentary.  Rock on.
Eventually, I filled the bathtub to it’s limit and shut off the water with my toes.  (The only up side to long toes)  Hmm, what else could I do?  See how smooth I could get the surface of the water, of course!  (Please tell me I’m not alone with this one)  You simply hold your breath until all of the ripples in the water dissapear.  Then you see how long you can keep it that way.  Minutes of fun for all ages! 
Okay, so I was pretty lame in my youger years, but I don’t care.  The only other bathtub activity that was remotely fun as a kid was mixing shampoo, conditioner and body wash together mad-scientist style.  However, being the frugal adult that I am, I decided against re-living that one.  Thus, I gave in to the hot water around me, stuck my nose out of the water for air and soaked myself until my fingers and toes were akin to prunes.  Hot.
Yes, my husband is one lucky man to be able to snuggle up next to me tonight. 

One Response to “Prune-y Fingers”

  1. sherri October 29, 2009 at 11:53 PM #

    Fabulous! I take a bath in the bath tub everyday, but it has been a very long time since I took the time to enjoy it like you did. I believe I will have to remedy that soon.

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