22 Oct
We all have our weird quirks. For example, I jump into bed at night so that the boogie man won’t grab my ankles. (That’s right; the fear center in my brain is very immature) Others feel the need to have their toilet paper feed from the bottom instead of the top. (Definitely weird) However, one quirk that I have come across several times in life still stumps me: Every boss that I’ve ever had would only trim his fingernails at work.
I’d be typing away at my desk, enjoying the pleasant clicking noise created by my keyboard when all of the sudden a foreign “snip” would invade my “click”. *click, click, click, click, click*  *snip…snip…snip* What on earth? *sigh* As I would round the corner into my boss’ office to investigate, I would find him hunched over his trash can with fingernail trimmings flying. (Well, not flying…more like falling.  Flying just sounds better)

Okay, it’s probably not that weird, but it is odd in the very least. Why not trim them at home? I’m not saying that I’m offended by the act; I just find it to be interesting. It’s as if sitting down at a desk triggers the urge to trim one’s fingernails. (At least it’s not toenails) I’m sure that it started off as a one time necessity and over time it grew to be a habit. Interesting. *stroking imaginary moustache*

I can testify to strange habits born from necessity: When I was pregnant, brushing my teeth always made me sick. Thus, I started brushing my teeth in the shower so I would have to stand bent over the sink gagging for ten minutes. (Gross? It’s possible.)

So, there. That’s my observation for the day.

How about you? Come across anything noteworthy lately?


One Response to “Snip…Snip…Snip”

  1. Wren October 23, 2009 at 12:06 AM #

    Well, when I turn in a rental application, I like to pour a little strawberry flavored lube on it for good luck….gives it that special touch. *wink*

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