Career Day

21 Oct

Do you ever find that after being in a rut for a while, that you wake up one day brimming with ambition and the need to do something? By that I mean something important, something lasting.

I woke up this morning, still a Property Manager, but one with the desire to make something of herself. I think that after going through the motions of life in a mediocre job for so long, eventually your subconscious can’t take anymore and tries to spur you in a new direction.

Despite the fact that my job is far from glamorous, for the most part I am okay with it. However, I do not want to be it. I don’t want my legacy to read, “Property Manager and mother of two.” No, I want to leave some kind of lasting impression on humanity, even if it is a faint impression.
I want to be someone important, but not for love of the lime light. I want be able to define myself, to feel like an integral part of society. I don’t want to find myself old and gray and nothing to show for my life.

Of course, the flip side to this surge of ambition is that attaining your dreams requires time and money. *Wah-wah-wah* (FYI: That’s the “Game Over” noise) And it is this realization that brings a swift and painful death to said ambition. It’s the circle of life. (Cue the music, Simba)
So, this is where I find myself today. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go start drilling for oil in my backyard. ;)


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