Cicada Circus

16 Oct

I love to hear my children yelling for me to “…come here! Look at this!” It’s almost the adult equivalent of “Hey y’all, watch this.” It rarely ends well.

Thankfully, this evening I only walked up to the kids to find them holding a cicada exoskeleton. Everyone remembers those from their childhood, right? About this time every year you’d find them hanging from just about every tree you came across. For some reason, I forgot how creepy the little buggers were:

Alfred Hitchcock really missed an opportunity with these things. “The Birds”? Really? That’s the creepiest thing you could find to swarm and chase innocent citizens?

So, like our parents before us, I sat the kids down to give them a quick science lesson. I pointed out it’s eyes and legs with all the authority of a high school graduate. The kids ate it up and knew that I was a genius. *wink*

Jaden was proud to pose beside the new found bug. And who wouldn’t be? ;)

She even went so far as to pause for a close up. If the cicada were still in there, I’m sure it would be smiling too.

Fisher, however, was none too happy to get near the cicada or the tree it was hanging from.

After assuring him that the cicada wasn’t still hiding inside, he suddenly transformed into a cicada enthusiast.

He then ran about the yard and rounded up as many cicada exoskeletons as he could find.

Wow. I’m slightly disturbed that he found that many, since that means that the former residents are still somewhere in my yard.

So, who wants to come over and play? ;)


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