The Fortress of Solitude is Out of Toilet Paper

7 Oct

Let’s talk about the bathroom. I know, such a topic may be considered taboo, but I say set it free!

(Is anyone else picturing the book “Everyone Poops” in their head?) Let me explain:

The first ten days of every month is extremely busy at my work. I run around the office with wild abandon, trying my best to keep up with the increased flow of work that gathers in my inbox. It is during these first ten days that I find myself spending more time than usual in the bathroom. Mind you, I’m not actually “using” the bathroom, it’s just that it is the only room in the office where I can be free to breathe for just a few minutes. Thus, I call it my Fortress of Solitude. (Well, I still refer to it as the bathroom in front of my co-workers, but in my head it’s strictly “the fortress”)

Think about it: it’s quite, there are no phones and no computers, just the basic necessities one needs to take a 2 minute nap. Simply sit down on the potty, toilet lid down, and close your eyes. Ahhh. Now that’s what I call a power nap.

On an unrelated note (because there is not a good way to segway from that topic to another)…

The new house is fabulous. *smile* The house is situated to where there is no direct sunlight coming through the windows in the morning. Heavenly. The only problem is that now I have a harder time getting out of bed. For shame!

Jaden & Fisher are also loving the new house. I was worried, especially considering the fact that their bathroom has a shower only and not a bathtub. (In case you didn’t know, Fisher hates having water on his face) After a little coaxing and a touch of imagination (it’s not a shower, it’s a waterfall) he has taken right to it. Jaden, fearless when it comes to bathing, finds the acoustics of the shower perfect for singing and she does so frequently. *wink* She makes up her own songs and everything. Kudos.

Well, I’m off to take a power nap. Make sure you knock before entering the fortress, I mean, bathroom. *wink*


2 Responses to “The Fortress of Solitude is Out of Toilet Paper”

  1. Jennifer Brindley October 9, 2009 at 8:59 PM #

    Erm, That's awesome. What did he say??? You indeed are not alone in your weirdness, and I read your e-mail to my boyfriend. His response was, "Yeah, of course. ALL you women are weird!"Men. ;)~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

  2. sherri October 9, 2009 at 3:13 AM #

    Maybe you should get one of those clocks that make rain forest and bird sounds for your "fortress"…now that would be relaxing! I seriously think you need a vacation.

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