Hey there, little lady

6 Oct

As some of you may know, I’m quite the dreamer when it comes to sleep. Usually my dreams are of the nightmare variety. Last night, however, I had something that was neither a dream nor a nightmare. A dreamare, perhaps?


The gist of the “dreamare” was that I had been captured by a burly & hairy mountain man. He was the kind of crazed tree hugger that scampered the forest with a large knife clutched between his teeth and the smell of animal pelts in his skin. Poor Bambi. At first I didn’t know what he was after me for. He drug me up a dusty mountain side to his cabin and tied me to one of his moose antler chairs. (Because he’s classy on the inside) After much maniacal laughter, he lunged in for the “kill.” Squinting my eyes against the oncoming knife, I was relieved yet horrified to find that he was shaving off my eyebrows with his knife. (Random, I know) After my eyes were free of their brows, I woke up feeling my face over for those beloved hairs. Whew. Safe.

I’m not sure what prompted such an odd “dream,” but I must say that it was pretty disturbing. Would you like to be held down as your eye brows were shaved off? I think not. (Though, I was impressed that my captor kept his knife so sharp…my eye brows fell away like butter on a hot roll)

What would a serial “shaver” do with eye brows anyway? Use them as an embellishment on his Harley Davidson leather jacket? The world may never know.


One Response to “Hey there, little lady”

  1. sherri October 6, 2009 at 11:45 PM #

    You've been inhailing too many cleaning products!

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