Two on the First

2 Oct

My niece, Chloe, turns two years old today. *smile* Thus, today’s blog is dedicated to her:

She is too cute for words and spunky to boot. *wink* My crew along with my mom, Charles, Wren, Chloe, Jacob, Aunt Donna & Mamaw joined together at my mom’s house for a birthday celebration for our sweet Chloe LaVelle:

Festivities kicked off with some art. Jaden, Fisher & Chloe got busy creating masterpieces for every one’s entertainment as we waited for supper to get ready.

Supper, though amazingly delicious, was devoured quickly to make way for the main event: Cake.
Check out the beautiful birthday cake that my mom made for Chloe. Could a little girl ask for more? Not at all. It was perfect and delicious…the epitome of girliness.
(There would be more pictures here, ones of Chloe blowing out her candles and smiling with excitement, but I accidentally deleted them. *forehead smack* Let’s just say that I was crying on the inside when I’d realized what I had done.)
That said, just know that Chloe was adorable and blew out her candles like a seasoned professional.
What cake is complete without a side of ice cream? (Well, mine for starters…I’m strictly against having anything moist touching my cake) ;) But as you can tell, Chloe loved it.
Coloring? Check. Food? Check. Cake? Check.
Time for presents!!
Okay, so we had to pry her away from the coloring book, but once she realized that there were presents to open, she was a machine!
Look at that sweet face. *Collective “Aw!”*
My Little Pony! Surely everyone remembers these? I loved these ponies. I practically worshiped the cartoon when I was little. Hopefully Chloe will catch Pony Fever and let me play with her. *fingers crossed*
Behold, the cru de gras! Grammy really outdid herself with this oh-so-fabulous grocery cart. Chloe was zipping around the kitchen in no time with her groceries in tow.
Oh, and did I mention the ball? Yes. Chloe enjoys playing with my mom’s cat toys/bouncy balls so much that she got her very own. No more sharing with the kitties; these are all yours. ;)
Happy Birthday, little girl. You’ll be grown before we know it.
Also, a very special Happy Birthday to Memaw Kinard in Oklahoma. We miss you/ love you very much and wish that we were there to celebrate with you. :) *hugs*

2 Responses to “Two on the First”

  1. Wren October 5, 2009 at 2:49 AM #

    Thank you so much Raine :) Chloe is truly a lucky little girl to have such an awesome Aunt like you! I love you with all my heart Seestor!

  2. Whitney October 3, 2009 at 12:21 AM #

    She is absolutely adorable. I love the grocery cart, how cute!

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