There is no Denny, only Zuul.

25 Sep
Our dog, Denny, is special. *cough*

He is just like every other dog you come across: affectionate but feisty. He’s learned to steer clear of Fisher, because Fisher will try to kill him with kindness. (i.e.: hug him to the brink of death) Jaden is his go to girl when he wants a stuffed animal to play with or a piece of paper to shred. (there’s always something lying on her bedroom floor) I give him all the love he needs…probably too much. And Jordan is his play thing…I mean, person.

I’m not sure what it is about Jordan that brings out Denny’s wild side, but Denny cannot help himself when he’s in close proximity to my poor husband. It’s almost comical to watch. Jordan will be at his desk working, and Denny will be on the other side of the room, quietly stalking his prey. He usually goes for the ankles first, but sometimes he’ll mix if up and spring for his toes. Mind you, it’s not a vicious attack; to Denny it’s just play. However, Jordan doesn’t see it this way. He’s tried squirting Denny with a water bottle when he “gets in the mood,” but Denny sees the water bottle as an added feature of the “game.”
Eventually, Jordan can no longer suffer the onslaught of attacks and fights back. A ten minutes battle of the wills ensues. Who will give up first? Denny? Jordan? (…it’s usually Jordan)
Today’s battle closed with Jordan victorious and Denny asleep at his feet. Poor Denny. He can’t help that he was born with an excess of energy.

One Response to “There is no Denny, only Zuul.”

  1. sherri September 25, 2009 at 11:25 PM #

    Love the picture…

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