Curling Iron Caper

24 Sep

I am prone to incident. It’s never anything major, but I tend to have minor accidents following me around almost 24/7. I once shut my ear in a door if that isn’t proof enough. That said, I’ve had more than a few curling iron burns…but none like the one I got this morning.

Sadly, my flat iron died this morning. I plugged it in, waited impatiently for a full minute, tentatively tested to see if it was hot and found it to be ice cold. Darn. Not wanting to go to work with funky hair, I whipped out my curling iron and plugged it in.

Just in case you haven’t caught on, curling irons are meant for curling hair…nothing else. So, it took a bit of…finesse to transform my curling iron into a straightening implement. Now, before I launch into the whole skin searing scene, I have to defend myself by saying that a flat iron is made in a way in which you can’t burn yourself with it unless you really try. Thus, I’m use to not having to worry about how close I get my hair wrangling products to my face. A few seconds later and one, rather loud explitive, I had branded my left cheek with the curling iron. *sigh*

Not only did my hair still look weird when I went to work this morning, I also had a large, red burn on my face. Nice.


2 Responses to “Curling Iron Caper”

  1. Wren September 26, 2009 at 1:00 AM #

    Ooooo, burn!!!! hahaSorry your burned yourself…AGAIN!When will you learn to just step away from curling irons? They are not your friend!

  2. sherri September 25, 2009 at 11:23 PM #

    Ooooh burn!

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