Something’s Fishy

22 Sep

I have a shadow. A Fisher-shaped shadow. It follows me wherever I go. (That has the perfect cadence to be a poem, if only I had the willpower to finish it)

In the morning I get up early to get the kids and myself ready for the day. Fisher is a morning person…Jaden is not. Oh the joy. In the mornings Jaden slinks about the house in a dazed stupor with a palanquin of blankets and stuffed animals trailing behind her. Fisher, on the other hand, springs out of bed like a gymnast late for his opening act. It is quite the sight. After rushing Jaden along, she & Jordan leave out the back door at the last minute to head to school. As the door closes behind them, Fisher sets out to hunt me down. He loves to be wherever I am and wants to get right in the middle of whatever I am doing. In the mornings, he hides under the covers of my bed as I change clothes and sits on the bathroom counter to watch me fix my hair. I could run laps around the house and he’d be perfectly content to follow along beside me. Sometimes he’ll mix things up a bit and pretend to be a dog and bark at me or a cat and rub up against me ankles as I get ready.

Fisher is adorable.

He has been like this since he was an infant, always eager to be close and involved. He’s not showing any signs of stopping, but I wonder how long I have before he wakes up and realizes that he’s a “man” and that “men” don’t need to be seen snuggling up to their mothers.


One Response to “Something’s Fishy”

  1. sherri September 23, 2009 at 1:32 AM #

    me and my shadow…strollin down the avenue…this is the best time of your life…

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