Crazy Socks

22 Sep

There is one word that I cringe to hear come out of Fisher’s mouth. Crazy. This is the word that he uses to describe anything that is unsuitable or unbearable. He doesn’t like crazy shorts (i.e.: anything other than denim) and he absolutely hates crazy socks (i.e.: any socks that do not perfectly conform to his feet). Unfortunately, I hear this word a lot. I feel a touch of insanity coming on myself.

Much time has passed since I last purchased clothes for the kids. (I usually buy clothes in the spring and fall) You can imagine what happens to clothes over a six month period when being worn by two, young children. The pants get holes in them, the shirts get stained and the dryer inevitably eats their socks for dessert.

So here we are, at the end of summer wearing the dregs of spring. Thus Fisher has begun his new clothing campaign. (If he could write, I’m sure that there would be picket signs in my front yard) After several weeks of trying to explain how socks and pants aren’t crazy, I have given up and have started piecing together Jaden & Fisher’s fall clothes. I started off by picking up some new underwear and socks…ooo, ahhh. It’s all about having a good foundation. *wink* This morning, Fisher took out his new socks and undies for a test drive. You would have thought that it was Christmas morning.

Fisher: Are these for me?!
Raine: Yes, dear.
Fisher: I can wear them to school?! (Excitement building)
Raine: Of course, buddy.
Fisher:…and I can wear them all day?! (His voice getting higher with each word)
Raine: Yes, Fisher….ALL day.
Fisher: I can wear them under my shoes?! (Gasping in excitement)
Raine: *sigh* Yes.

He then spent the next ten minutes giggling with joy as he “ice skated” around the hardwood floors of our house. Who knew that new socks could be so exciting?

(Just wait until he realizes that he has to wear a uniform to school next year….no jeans allowed) *dum dum dum*


2 Responses to “Crazy Socks”

  1. sherri September 23, 2009 at 1:25 AM #

    How fabulous to have such excitement over the simple things in life….everything so magical!

  2. Whitney Lamb Adams September 22, 2009 at 8:43 PM #

    Who knew new socks could be so exciting!

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