The birthplace of tater tots

16 Sep

Supper time at our house is a mixture of craziness & entertainment sprinkled with a light coating of admonishments. I feel like we’re living out a scene from a sitcom and all that we’re missing is the laugh track in the background. Tonight was no exception.

Act I:

The scene opens with Jaden and Fisher being instructed to wash their hands. Insanity ensues in the bathroom as water is splashed about wildly and someone falls off of the step stool. (I am almost certain that the they are hiding a sprinkler loaded with soap somewhere) As they exit the bathroom, water dripping from the ceiling, they get on all fours to slowly make their way back to the kitchen. Thus the hand washing is all for not. The scene closes with a long *sigh* from the kitchen.

Act II:

The meal is kicked off with Jaden and Fisher’s opening remarks. These usually consist of how very much they loathe the vegetables and sometimes even a mini-melt down from Fisher over the meat of choice. I’m starting to wonder if he’s trying to go vegetarian on me.

Jaden takes her sweet time eating her food while Fisher just stares at his. Then come the games. We usually have to play twenty questions with Jaden in between every bite she takes. Take for instance the question of the night: “Where does pork come from?” Pigs, of course. That set off an entire discussion on where meat products come from….fish, cows, everything. Jaden rounded off the pop-quiz with the statement that tater tots also come from cows. Nope. Not even close.

Act III:

For the remainder of the meal, Jordan and I fight to keep down our food as we watch Fisher destroy his food like a T-Rex with bad table manners. He even looks like one once the meal is over with meat and ketchup splattered on his face. (Evidently the mighty T-Rex never used a napkin…thus Fisher shouldn’t either)

Long after Jordan and I have finished eating our supper, Jaden finally finishes hers. She then takes a couple of minutes to brag on how quickly she’s eaten her meal, even though it has taken her 35 minutes to do so. Fisher, still lagging behind, rounds off the ordeal by trying to haggle over how much food he has to eat before he can be done. At this point his veggies are cold and congealed and the ketchup for his meat has been completely consumed…because, who doesn’t like a spoon full of just ketchup?

Exciting? Oh yes. Be on the look out for a reenactment of this fabulous drama on Broadway next summer. ;)


2 Responses to “The birthplace of tater tots”

  1. Amy Lynn September 18, 2009 at 3:03 AM #

    Oh dear. And I thought I had meal time issues! Nope. You have me beat. And I am sure the minuscule meal time issues I am having now will just get worse! Ahhh! :)

  2. Whitney Lamb Adams September 16, 2009 at 7:48 PM #

    Too funny!

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