Childhood…oh the joys of it.

12 Sep

I may have spoken too soon. I was just bragging to my sister about the fact that Fisher was the healthiest one in our house. We have all been fighting off sickness except for Fisher. I spoke too soon. Fisher is sick…sick sick.

I am constantly amazed by the ability of children to get sick instantly and without any warning. Fisher left the house this morning as healthy and as perky as could be. By 2:30 he appeared to be on death’s door. A high fever of almost 103 degrees hit out of no where. I whisked him off to the doctor in hopes of catching his illness early before it got any worse. With Swine Flu infecting more and more children in our area everyday, I was sure that Fisher had fallen prey to the pandemic.

Words cannot describe how utterly sick Fisher was this afternoon. He was burning up and beet red. His skin was red, his eyes were red…he looked and felt like a steamed lobster. He was so lethargic and feverish that he could hardly move.

Trying to get Fisher to sit up to be examined by the doctor was like trying to deal with over-cooked pasta. He couldn’t even manage to keep his eyes open. If the doctor wasn’t checking in on him, he was passed out in what appeared to be a coma. Terrorist could have bombed the building and he wouldn’t have known. The mom in me went into overdrive at this point. With nasal cultures maturing to test for Swine Flu, I was already planning out his funeral arrangements. Morbid? Yes? Was he sick? Definitely. I was terrified by how quickly he had fallen ill and how unresponsive he was. After an hour of close monitoring, his fever eased down to a manageable 99.2 with the help of some Motrin. Thankfully, he tested negative for the flu. Thus, with a nasty virus, we trudged home. He was soaked from head to toe in sweat and was in desperate need in fresh clothes. After a few minutes he was settled on the couch to watch TV with his blood-shot eyes. Poor Fishman. This was one of those rare moments in childhood were your feared for your child. There was sick and then there was sick.

I made a not so quick trip to the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions and some chocolate ice cream to soothe his throat…per the doctor’s instructions. Who knew that chocolate ice cream could work miracles? (Especially when mixed with antibiotics?)

With Fisher sick, Jordan trying to get sick and Jaden recovering from a Staph infection, I have my weekend cut out for me. I probably should have stocked up on some Vitamin C while I was at the pharmacy.


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