8 Sep

I hate to start off a post with a cliched phrase like, “Today has been one of those days.” What exactly is “one” of those days? Did I miss that chapter in History class? What horrible event happened once upon a time to be forever labeled as “one of those days”?

All that aside, my day has been fraught with irritation. Some legitimate, some not…but all extremely unnerving. Today I have managed, single-handedly, to perpetuate the stigma of the female sex. I have been moody and hormonal for no apparent reason.
Last night I slept well, but did not wake up rested. I wonder what it is like to dream while sleeping? I rarely dream. Instead, I experience the pleasure of nightmares. Mine are not your run-of-the-mill nightmares…I imagine that they’re more like the kind Stephen King would have. Mind you, I’m 20-something, so I don’t wake up crying and cuddling up to Jordan scared. However, the nightmares do make for a funky day when I finally wake up.

I woke up this morning with the left over emotions of my dog and my unborn child dying, so I was none too chipper. Jaden took fifteen minutes to eat a bowl of cereal and ten minutes “brushing her teeth.” I added in the quotation marks because what six year old actually takes that long to brush her teeth? None. Undoubtedly she was playing instead of brushing. Thus, we all left for school/work late and I left with the added feature of no breakfast. If you know me at all, you’ll know that cereal is possibly one of my favorites food items and I dearly hate to go without it.

We can all guess where this is heading. Starting off the morning on the wrong foot tends to make little problems/irritations into big ones. Little things that normally wouldn’t bother me suddenly created a little, black rain cloud that followed me around for the rest of the day. “Why are the phones ringing?! Don’t they know that I’m busy?” “Dear Lord, woman, I do not want to have to spell out the word ‘Pines’ to you!”

This afternoon Jordan and I took Jaden to the doctor to have her finger and elbow looked at. Minor cuts and abrasions on her arms have quickly turned into infected wounds that refuse to heal. We were none too happy to find out that she had a Staph infection, though, thankfully, it was not another case of MRSA like she had a few years ago. The doctor assured us that the three prescriptions he wrote out would take care of all her problems. Now all we have to do is dodge the swine flu and we’ll be good to go.

*Le-sigh* You know, like Pepe Le Pew would say.

With all this behind me, I only have to fight 5:00 traffic to pick up my two prescriptions and Jaden’s three after work…and they’re only at two different pharmacies. (Yea, me)

So, consider this my anti-blog. A break from my usual happy-go-lucky account of the day for something a little more…contemplative.

One Response to “Tues-Monday”

  1. Amy Lynn September 9, 2009 at 1:53 AM #

    I am the exact opposite when it comes to dreaming. I can remember my dreams almost every night. Sometimes they are flat out hilarious, sometimes they are SUPER random, and sometimes they are quite emotional. I hate waking up with the left over emotions of a dream. It really does take a toll on ones day. I hope tomorrow is better!! :)

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