Full of Hot Air

6 Sep

This morning started bright and early, which is just evil considering that it is Saturday. However, I had an enticing intensive for waking up early. Charles and my mom were generous enough to take my sister, Chloe and myself to Callaway Gardens for their 11th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. Despite the fact that I was sick and sounded like death warmed over, I had a fantastic day. The weather was hot, but bearable with a slight breeze. We saw RC boats and planes at the lake, a classic car show under the pavilion and even got to watch patrons dance to music while waiting in line for a hot dog. Of course, we hit all of the classic attractions while we were there, which included the Butterfly House, Horticultural Center and Vegetable Garden. These mundane descriptions do not lend credence to the majestic spectacle each attraction presented upon arrival. Each was more than your imagination could grasp or even dream of. Each blade of grass and flower petal were perfect and evenly spaced. The butterflies were surely trained to evoke emotions previous unknown to their onlookers. It was similar to what I would think walking through a fairy tale book would be. There was a rosemary bush at the Vegetable Garden that was the size of my azalea bush. It was beautiful and smelled heavenly. The day came to a close with at least a dozen hot air balloons dotting the skies above us. We could not have asked for a better experience. Of the 127 photos that I took, I’ve chosen a small sampling of the highlights from our day to share with each of you. I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them:

Charles and Mama by the lake at the RC boat/plane show.

A feeding station inside of the butterfly house.

A wounded, but beautiful butterfly. There were countless butterflies inside, but only a few that would sit still long enough to have their picture taken.

Mama, Chloe, Wren & myself at one of the many swings along side the Horticultural Center.

The hanging baskets over the fountain inside the center.

Looking up into a papaya tree.

A friendly lizard that stopped to rest next to me inside the center.

Mama and Charles enjoying the swings.

An okra blossom…it’s amazing that the blooms are as beautiful as the okra is tasty.

Looking out onto the vegetable garden from the hilltop gazebo.

After a long wait, the hot air balloons quickly filled and set off.

I feel honored to say that I have seen the ReMax hot air balloon in person. *wink*

It seems as though hot air balloons are like snowflakes, unique and no two the same.

Chloe waved bye to each balloon that rose into the air.

Though it took a while to get the balloons set up, they were quickly out of sight once they took to the air.

To appear so small in the air, the balloons were larger than life on the ground.

Though large, they didn’t require much room. Four balloons at once, truly a sight to behold.

Thank you, Charles for orchestrating such a wonderful adventure.


One Response to “Full of Hot Air”

  1. sherri September 7, 2009 at 2:07 AM #

    We enjoyed every minute of the day…I would not change anything! I love being with my girls! Thsnk you Charles for the fabulous day!!!

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