Strolling down memory lane

4 Sep

I love the random scenes that I come across in my house. I just turned around in my chair to find Jordan and Denny asleep on the floor. Denny is using one of the kids plush tiger toy as a pillow and Jordan is wrapped up in the anit-dog blanket. (a.k.a. thick comforter) Earlier, they were both on the floor, pretty much in the same positions, but Jordan had taken a pair of jersey shorts and stuck them on his head to keep Denny from licking/nibbling on his ears. Hilarious. Who knew the potential shorts held?

At the beginning of the week I chronicled a trip I took to my grandmother’s house. With 40 pictures to choose from, only a hand full made them into the blog. There are two pictures, however, that aren’t immediately exciting to the eye. I left them out, but now they’re getting their chance to shine:

This pictures is so exciting that it was doubly documented. This field, which is now planted with cotton, used to be a vast pasture land filled with random grouping of trees and rolling hills. It was dotted with monumental ant hills, that made perfect ramps for launching a four wheeler off of. It also was a fantastic driving range for when you wanted to hit some golf balls around. (Wren and I always aimed for the cows, but never actually hit one…darn) There was also an old Oak tree that was covered in mistletoe. Every Christmas we would walk down to this tree to get the customary mistletoe to hang in doorways. At the far end of the field was a swamp that made for great alligator watching. (Kind of like bird watching, but with an edge) Next to the swamp was a grove of Mayhaw trees. We would make the long walk out there with my grandmother when the Mayhaw berries were ripe so that my grandmother could make the world’s best Mayhaw jelly. No toast is complete without a generous smattering of Mayhaw jelly. (…and the pink jelly looks nice against the yellow, buttered bread) This field, now so different it’s barely recognizable, holds a vast collection of memories that my sister and I hold dear.

Ah, a backyard. It’s got everything: grass, trees, an open sky…perfect. As kids, if Wren and I weren’t out playing in the pasture, than we were in my grandmother’s backyard having adventures and generally being up to no good. Along the fence line used to be a grapevine. The grapes were fabulous and made for a delicious afternoon treat. (They always made really nice projectiles for pesky cousins) The clothes line, when weighed down my wet laundry, was maze in which we’d play in until the clothes had dried. To the right of the fence, out of the shot of this picture, is a fairly tall, red shed with a even taller cedar tree. Wren, my cousins and I would climb the tree to gain access to the roof of the shed. We would spend entire afternoons up there making pretend and plotting sneak attacks on any unfortunate victim that was to walk past the shed. My grandmother forbid us to go up there, so when she came out into the yard, we would have to lay flat on our bellies until she went back inside. Sometimes we would have to lay there for quite a while until she left and let me tell you, a tin roof gets hot in the summer! The middle of the backyard would play host to a large, round cow trough in the summer, which was our homemade swimming pool. Country, yes…fun, definitely. We could create the most terrifying whirlpools in that trough. (Once my dad turned one into a hot tub with jets…awesomeness!)

So, sometimes it’s not what’s in the picture that counts, but what the picture meas to the person that took it. Yeah for childhood!

2 Responses to “Strolling down memory lane”

  1. Wren September 5, 2009 at 1:15 AM #

    Okay, that made me tear up a little bit. I miss those days terribly. You failed to mention all the fun we had playing in the cotton trailers! Those were the best! :) (Or how we'd don our camo coveralls and play some killer hide and seek around dusk. lol)

  2. sherri September 4, 2009 at 2:20 AM #

    I wish I were you two girls….I never knew when I sent you off for the weekend what wonderful memories y'all were making…xoxox

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