Wrapping things up…and unwrapping things

2 Sep

Okay, so yesterday’s blog ended with Wren & I climbing a tree…pretty exciting stuff, right? Right. Just as we were exiting the tree, Jordan & the kids rode up in the golf cart…salvation!! I had not been looking forward to another long hike through the knee high, snake infested grass. I felt a little bit like the Beverly Hillbilly’s as Wren & I climbed onto the back of the golf cart. As you all know, the cart is really only built for two people…so having five people on it made things a bit interesting. I found that if I treated my knees like shock absorbers, that I wouldn’t get thrown off the cart every time we ran over a pebble.

Upon our return to the house, we found that the burgers weren’t quite ready yet. Fisher dumped out the bag full of goodies that my step-mom, Marilyn, had brought over. He even had someone draw him a road with side walk chalk so his cars had somewhere to drive. Cuteness.

Look at the intensity. There is nothing more fascinating than watching a boy play with construction toys and cars. He was in his element.

Soon we were all called inside to eat the traditional “Mims” burger…named after my dad who makes the world’s best burgers. Yum! We inhaled our burgers and finished off the spinach artichoke dip that had been set out as an appetizer and moved on to the birthday cake & gifts. Evidently I had missed a spot on my cheek that morning when I was putting on my makeup and Wren was kind enough to cover it in yellow icing for me. I, being the kind sister I am, didn’t want her to feel left out and returned the favor. I quick, yet fierce icing battle ensued until Marilyn broke us up. We were yellow….very yellow….and sticky. Wren told me about 30 minutes later that I’d missed a spot on my face when I was cleaning off the icing. Thanks, sis. Only you would let me walk around with food on my face. ;)

Full off food and high on sugar, we returned to the outdoors to listen to my uncle’s dissertation on the value of corn and it’s many uses. Earlier, he and the kids walked across the road to our friend’s field of corn and picked a few ears to bring back to the house. They shucked a few ears and took off all of the kernels and placed them in a bucket for a closer examination. He was very thorough and educational and the kids were mesmerized by the powers of corn. Ooo, ahh!

Once the cobs were kernel free, my uncle then demonstrated the aerodynamics of corn cobs, specifically how they made fabulous bombs to throw at pesky siblings. My dad was the victim of this demonstration.

Before we left to go home, my grandmother passed out the best gift of all. Her homemade pear sauce, made from the pears that grow in her yard. It is by far the best thing your taste buds will ever experience. We are slowly rationing out the contents of these two jars in an attempt to make it last as long as possible. However, the pear sauce is so tasty, it may not make it until Saturday.

2 Responses to “Wrapping things up…and unwrapping things”

  1. Amy Lynn September 2, 2009 at 2:54 PM #

    Man, your kids are looking pretty excited. That must be some GOOD pear sauce!! :)

  2. Wren September 2, 2009 at 1:37 AM #

    You should share some pear sauce with your loving sister… (Hint, hint)

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