"…and I don’t have any pants!"

2 Sep

Here I am, sitting at the computer trying to think about how I should start off this blog…when Fisher runs into the room, lifts up his shirt and yells, “I’m naked and I don’t have any pants!” Thanks son, I haven’t been flashed today. ;) I sent him back to his room to put on some underwear and he quickly returned to show off his Spider man undies. Much better. I can always count on Fisher to provide entertainment, even if it’s accidental or just plain weird. Take for instance earlier when he was taking a bath. He loudly chanted the same phrase over and over as he took a bath: “I’m washing my hair! I’m washing my hair!” Each word was louder than the last and the word hair was a full octave higher than the rest. This kid cracks me up. :)

Speaking of odd sights, I have found that the Publix parking lot is more like a meeting ground for birds than it is for cars. Once, I came across a flock of ducks in the parking lot. (Flock? Heard? Swarm? Who knows…) It was a mother duck and five ducklings. So cute and so brave. They didn’t seem to care that a head of lettuce could squash them, they marched along long without a care in the word. Today I had to skirt around a swarm of tiny birds that were hopping about my car. They looked like some type of finch…but don’t quote me on that. I have a limited knowledge of birds. Whatever they were, they were extremely small but large in number. Maybe Publix doubles as a bird sanctuary.

*sigh* Do you hear that? That, my friend, is the persistent call of dishes in need of being washed. Darn you dishes!! I detest washing dishes and now I massive amounts of dish washing in my future. Jordan and I are quickly turning into foodies. We watch Food Network non-stop and are spending increasingly more time in the kitchen. We made our own flour tortillas over the weekend and I came home yesterday to find that Jordan had made fresh corn tortillas. Do you notice a theme? Today I found an industrial size bag of shredded cheese in my refrigerator. Mexican food is looming on the horizon. Sunday we are going all out and make an enormous Mexican feast from scratch. (So please send your surplus supplies of Zanex to my house at your earliest convenience) *wink* I feel as though Jordan and I have swapped places. He spends the majority of his free time pouring over recipes and I am well, doing my usual. Okay, we haven’t really swapped, but it’s nice to have someone to share recipes with.

Speaking of recipes, the “Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Childs” that Jordan got me for my birthday arrives tomorrow!! My only hope is that I can pry it away from Jordan long enough to glance at the index. :)


One Response to “"…and I don’t have any pants!"”

  1. Wren September 5, 2009 at 1:13 AM #

    It's Xanax. Get your anxiety meds right! hehe

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