The great community of Red Rock

31 Aug

As most of you know, my sister and I celebrated our 25th birthday this past Thursday. Since we have such a large and extended family, we usually end up having a birthday weekend. Nice, right? (My pants beg to differ…too much cake!) Today we headed to the small community of Red Rock, just outside of Sylvester, GA, to grill hamburgers with my dad’s side of the family and generally act uncouth.

I’m going to split up our afternoon at my grandparent’s over a couple of days since it was packed full of excitement and interesting moments. As my dad rolled the grill from under the oak tree by the pasture fence, Jordan loaded up the kids into my grandfather’s golf cart and set out on a scenic tour of the yard, tractors & cows. (My grandparents live on a farm…if you haven’t caught on) The rest of us circled around an industrial sized shop fan and yelled over the hum of the swirling blades about what we had all been up to lately. Off in the distance you could hear the screams and excited laughter of the kids going 5mph down my grandparent’s drive way. The speed was almost too much for them to bear. ;)

Once the kids were done with their ride, Wren and I got behind the wheel and set off to “re-live our childhood.” Wren took me on a danger filled ride around the front yard, dodging a cedar tree and swerving around a small garden gnome that was holding a carrot. Next she took me out on the open road, literally, so we could pay a visit to my Uncle’s house. His house is next to my grandmother’s, though a large cotton field separates their houses. I was the designated “rear view mirror” and Wren the “car dodger.” We mostly spent the trip in the lane of on coming traffic, so we could see a car if it were to sneak up on us. We made it to my Uncle’s house in one piece and immediately turned around to tempt fate once more on the way back to my grandmother’s house. As we neared her driveway I turned around and saw a car coming for us. I suddenly felt like a mobster and wished that I had a tommy gun in hand. With a mixture of terror and laughter I yelled out, “Wren, they’re gaining on us!” We both cackled to the point we almost cried as we made a sharp, left turn into the driveway and away from the Buick that was hot on our tail. To finish off the golf cart mayhem, we put the cart in reverse and turned doughnuts in the driveway. Good times…good times. :D

Tune in tomorrow for more tales from Red Rock.


3 Responses to “The great community of Red Rock”

  1. sherri September 1, 2009 at 2:22 AM #

    I love it that you girls get to experience such a wonderful side of life with your Daddy and Ma Ma and Pa Pa….happy…happy!

  2. Wren September 1, 2009 at 1:38 AM #

    P.S. Next time, we're takin' that cart all the way to the Red Rock Peanut Company!!! Woo hoo! :D

  3. Wren September 1, 2009 at 1:36 AM #

    You wouldn't know you were loved if I didn't try to break your neck or get you ran over by oncoming traffic while on the cart! :D (Now you know why I'm always deemed the "bad twin.")And there is absolutely nothing wrong with acting "uncouth." I kinda like it that way! :P Lub you seester!

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