Tortilla Terrific

30 Aug

Today was a day of firsts at our house. I baked & iced my first cake all by myself. Awesomeness. It was fairly decent looking and tasted fabulous. *patting myself on my back* I only had a slight melt down when the icing wasn’t working for me. *wink* Well, not a melt down really, but tension was running high in the kitchen during the icing process. I think after another cake or two I’ll have my technique down pat. :)

Jordan has been into Mexican recipes here lately. We’re planning on busting out some authentic Tex-Mex here soon and he’s been dying to try his hand at some homemade tortillas. So, at 9:45pm we set out to make some. After a quick trip to the grocery store for some more baking powder, we set to it. The dough making process was going well until it came time to heat the pan. I was leery of setting my cast iron skillet on high as the directions instructed, and I was soon rewarded with a smoke filled house and a ruined skillet. My poor skillet. As I type, it is sitting burnt and rejected in my carport…smoldering over the fact that it was shown up by a newer, more flashy skillet. I’m planning a memorial service for tomorrow. After the skillet and temperature issues were fixed, we were turning out fresh tortillas at lightening speed. I was rolling them out and Jordan was cooking them. They are delicious!! Nothing beats a fresh tortilla. I will never buy pre-packed tortillas again. We have already inhaled half of the tortillas we made and are anxiously awaited the morning when our consciences will allow us to eat more. Jordan is already reading up on corn tortillas and I am sure that I’ll be picking up some Masa Harina tomorrow. Oh Mexico, you are good to us.


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