Dude, it’s my birthday

28 Aug
This morning Jaden came into my bedroom and asked me what day it was. I told her that it was Thursday, August 27th. I then waited for her to wish me “Happy Birthday,” instead she lamented over the fact that she was wearing the wrong underwear. She has some of the day-of-the-week underwear and evidently had neglected to put on the “Thursday” pair. She rushed out of my room without another word to say. Thanks, Jaden. ;)
The work day passed by slowly, with the thought of chocolate cake that evening getting me through. After work we all headed over to my mom’s for shrimp scampi, cheddar biscuits and salad with some chocolate cake for dessert. Mmm!

I am under the impression that your body realizes when it’s your birthday and just ignores the influx of calorie consumption that day…kind of like a freebie. So I ate until I could hold no more. I was miserable, but I had a lot of fun getting there. :)

After cooking the shrimp scampi, I discovered the my mom had a bit of Pinot Grigio left over. Since she didn’t have a re-cork to seal the bottle, Jordan & I were kind enough to take care of it for her. ;) Mmm, Pinot Grigio in a Halloween cup…the only way to experience it.

Of course, once the meal was done, Wren got a hold of the camera and started taking “candid” shots of everyone:

Hey, my nose itched!

…Jaden put on her party hat…

…The cake, complete with tie-dye candles was prepared…

…Wren & I shared a little inside joke…
…blew out our candles (take 2!)…

…and passed out the cake.

Afterwards, Wren & I opened our gifts and ooo’d and ahh’d over them for the rest of the evening. :)

Thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes and gifts. It was a fabulous 25th birthday!


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