The Thorny Beast

26 Aug

After a 4 day break, I am back and hopefully have re-acquired my blogging mojo. Between work, cooking, cleaning, homework & laundry I have find myself exhausted at the end of the day and just plain not in the mood to do anything other than sleep.

I have, however, been able to clean, fold & put away all of my towels, if that makes you feel any better. I have a lot of towels, which is convenient. You can go forever without have to wash towels. Eventually I end up going to the linen closet to grab and towels to find that it is bare. *sigh* Then comes the long and tedious task of doing load after load of towels.

Also during my absence, I was able to tackle these two, tall and thorny things growing out of my bushes at the edge of my back yard. I’m not sure what they are, only that the have thorns the size of nails and my hedge clippers have a hard time cutting threw them. I like to think of it as kudzu’s evil cousin. Yesterday I trotted out to the bushes with my shears in hand to take on the beast. I was “smart” and decided to wear my Crocs…which are strictly used for yard cleaning purposes. I hacked down one tall shoot of the thorn-covered stalk, tossed it on the ground at my feet and went on to cut down the next. FYI: If you happen to have this hideous weed in your yard, do NOT step on it while wearing Crocs. The blasted thing went threw my shoe and into my toe which resulted in a lot of hopping and screaming. The little piggy who decided to stay home is not at all happy today.

The rest of my hedges needed to be cut, but I’m still waiting for my doctor to give me the go ahead, so I decided to wait. I did, however, make note that my bushes grow an inch per week whereas my neighbor with the immaculate yard has bushes that never grow. They stay perfectly shaped and trimmed all year. (I’m pretty sure that his “green thumb” has magical powers) I’ve tried talking to my bushes when I trim them, asking them to please take things slowly and not get in too big of a rush to grow, but they never listen. (Really, I do talk to them…I figure if I’m swinging at them with two, sharp blades that they’d appreciate a kind voice) Needless to say, I think that they are deaf.


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