Cake? Let’s not talk about it

21 Aug

Last night I spent three hours making a simple cake. That was almost as painful to type as it was to experience.

I sat at supper, thinking about how I’d like to make a nice dessert for my family. I then remembered that I had the ultimate coconut cake recipe in my recipe box. (Side note, whenever I type the word “recipe,” I sound it out in my head like this: Re-see-pee) Anyway, after I finished eating, I hopped up to make a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up a few items for the cake. Four stores later and several whispered expletives, I finally got what I needed. My “quick trip” only took an hour. Geez, I’d hate to know what I lengthy trip for me would be like.

By the time I got home to start the cooking process, I was….well, irritable at best. The cake baking step went well, much to my nerve’s delight. Then came the icing. My cool whip was too frozen and the condensed milk to cool whip ratio was all wrong. (Who knew that cool whip could get too frozen? Not me.) To salvage the icing/topping I had to get more cool whip to thicken it back up. This meant that I needed more cool whip. Thankfully Jordan deciphered the look of desperation in my eyes and ran to the store for me. Fifth trip to the store and the icing/topping was still not the proper consistency. At this point I felt that it was imperative to consider the safety of my family and let the cake chill in the fridge, per the directions of the recipe.

Jordan was a trooper. Despite my mood and frenzied activities in the kitchen, he was cool as a cucumber. Kudos, dear. :)

After the cake fiasco was over I climbed into bed, hoping to sleep soundly and to not dream of cake. That’s when the storm rolled in. I then spent the next twenty minutes trying to convince Jordan to let Denny come sleep with us. Surely he was scared to death. (Okay, I know he’s a dog, but I think of him as my furry child) Jordan reasoned with me and we settled on putting him in the living room, away from the windows so the storm wouldn’t “frighten” him. (There was much eye rolling coming from Jordan at this point)

At the end of the day I had a cake with runny icing and a whimpering dog which was now within earshot of out bedroom. Ahhh. Life is good. ;)


One Response to “Cake? Let’s not talk about it”

  1. Amy Lynn August 24, 2009 at 12:21 PM #

    If it makes you feel any better, you are a couple steps ahead of me! I have yet to bake and ice a cake. I do cupcakes… just not cakes. They make me SO nervous!!! I was going to be all ambitious and make one for Z's second birthday next month, but then I realized it would cost a fortune in "practice cakes", so we are just going to buy one. LOL

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