Denny, the dog casanova

20 Aug

Sorry folks, I know that this is a little late. Just pretend that the time stamps reads as 08/19/09. It’s not for lack of time to write,but just lack of decent information to write about. Yesterday was d-u-l-l. Things didn’t get interesting until late last night, after the kids had gone to bed and I’d stared at the screen for an hour, willing something interesting to pop into my head. Alas, my neurons had ceased firing and had gone to bed early. After an unsuccessful hour had past, I decided to give up and lay on the floor with Denny. This is when it got interesting. I’d been glancing at him from over the top of my laptop screen for the past hour, feeling sorry for him. He looked so lonely…desperate for attention. I willingly obliged and curled up next to him. Denny, seeing that his ploy had worked, sprung to life and began biting all the tender parts he could find on me. FYI, Denny, I’m not a dog. I’m a human being and we do not bite for fun. After several minutes of harassment, I bit back. He looked at me like I had committed the ultimate sin…and I felt guilty for a few short seconds before he renewed his assault on me. This is why we keep a large comforter lying around…for safety. Mind you, Denny isn’t being vicious, he’s just playing in his own way. So I dove for cover and waited for him to find his way in. He loves this. I guess he’s the dog and I’m the badger…I’m not really sure. I eventually crawled out from under my shelter to give him some love once he’d calmed down. Denny took this a different way and proceeded to “put the moves” on me. The horror…doesn’t he realize that I’m his mother? (Well, in a way) So, for my birthday next week, I will be getting my dog neutered. Yea for me. ;)


One Response to “Denny, the dog casanova”

  1. Wren August 21, 2009 at 12:46 AM #

    lol Denny will be fine. If you're taking him to Dr. Dockery's office, a very nice girl named Cassie will be helping with the procedure and will take wonderful care of him. Everyone up there is so nice. :)

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