Chocolate Cake Conquered

18 Aug

Sunday, the day or rest….or not. If I were to list out everything thing I did yesterday, it would not sound all that impressive, nor busy. But trust me, I was quite the busy bee. (That’s after I slept in until a shamefully late hour…I am too disgraced to disclose the actual time) Once I’d gotten plenty of beauty sleep to last me a week, *wink*, I hopped up and got ready to conquer some cleaning. Ever since my trip to the ER and subsequent surgery, I have not done much of anything. Two weeks out of surgery though, I felt like I could step up my activities by a wee bit. I spent the better part of the day cleaning, folding laundry and harassing the kids to clean up their rooms. At times I wonder how many times I’ve said that phrase. I could possibly be close to a Guinness World Record.

Lunch time brought some comic relief. After I’d finished my lunch, I got up to start cleaning up the kitchen. This is what I turned around to find at one point. Look at my children…aren’t the three of them adorable? *wink* In case you didn’t know, this is the proper way to eat an orange. You can get better suction this way and can maximize your juice intake. What do you think about that, Martha Stewart?!

That afternoon Jordan went to the movies to see “District 9,” which is turning out to be one of summer’s top movies. I’m kind of sad I didn’t go and see it now. Who doesn’t like a good alien movie? Exactly.

That evening my entire immediate family came over for supper. (Is that correct…can you say “entire immediate”? Pshhh. Well, I am) We ate our traditional pizza to only discover at the end of the meal that no one liked the sausage. You can only imagine the excitement at the table over a sausage-less pizza. Hey, we’re easily excited and don’t require much.

After the great pizza debate, all nine of us crowded into my kitchen to watch my mom teach me how to ice a cake. That’s right, I have never successfully iced a cake. I can bake the cake. I can make the icing. I can not get the two together in a way that resembles anything close to a cake.

That is until last night. Bask in the glow of my icing skills. You may want to sit down first….in case you get weak in the knees. I know I did when I uploaded this picture.

I finished off the evening with having the honor of pulling another one of Fisher’s teeth. He is fearless. I guarded my loose teeth like Fort Knox when I was a kid. He practically begs to have me pull them out. Ick. My nerves had just calmed after having to play tooth fairy the other night and they were uneasy about having to attempt the task again. Thankfully I got in and out quickly and quietly.

So that was Sunday. Busy, but a lot of fun. Today, however, was Monday…and boy, did I have a case of the Mondays. Not only was it the first day of the week, but it was also Dispo Day as I call it. Dispo Day is the day that I spend typing up 50+ Dispossessory Warrants to scare our tenants into paying their rent. Was I able to type up all of those at work? Ha! I scoff at such a thought. No, I did not finish. I only made it through the J’s. This means that I’ve ended up taking my work home with me to finish up without distraction/interruption. It’s amazing what a person can accomplish with some good music and a leopard print robe to keep them warm. Yeah, you like that mental image, don’t you? Unfortunately I’ve only managed to make it to the M’s, so I need to get back at it. My typewriter will miss me if I’m gone too long.

2 Responses to “Chocolate Cake Conquered”

  1. Raine August 18, 2009 at 2:51 AM #

    Ahh, so glad you set that straight for me. My grammar is lacking at times. :)

  2. Casey August 18, 2009 at 2:38 AM #

    "Entire immediate" is appropriate. It's all of your immediate family, not missing anyone. Just like you could say "half of my immediate family showed up."Just wanted to ease your mind! :)

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