Julie & Julia

16 Aug

Ahhh…there is nothing like a bowl of cereal for a late night snack….or breakfast…or dessert. I could have cereal at each meal and be perfectly content. I haven’t decided whether it’s the milk or the cereal that draws me. It may even be the fact that the milk is super cold and the cereal is super crunchy. Besides peanut butter, cereal is my favorite snack. So it’s not hard to guess what I’m eating right now…

I have waited for Saturday with great anticipation all week. Jaden has begged all week about wanting to sleep in and this morning she finally got her chance. Sadly, I forgot to tell her that waking up at 8am is not considered sleeping in late. Ah well, it was still later than the usual. Jaden & Fisher usually get up around 7am in the summer…which is just cruel when it’s the weekend. On the other hand, I’m more of a wake up and stay up for an hour and then go back to bed to sleep for a while kind of person…what can I say, I’m gifted.

After eating lunch, which consisted of hot ham and cheese sandwiches, yum, my mom and I headed to the movies while Jordan and the kids headed to the pool. My Aunt Donna was kind enough to let them come over and use her pool for the afternoon. I know, how could I pass up a pool on a hot summer day? Lets just say I’m not a big fan of swimming. I was always confused by the fact that my mom never really wanted to swim with my sister and I when we were young. Now I find myself in her shoes. Speaking of my mom, we kicked back in a very cold theater which felt my like the Arctic than SWGA. The previews were tolerable at best, but the featured presentation made up for them by simpling being awesome. We saw “Julie & Julia,” which, though it sounds like a “chick flick,” it turned out to be two wonderfully spent hours in front of the big screen.

Once we exited the theater, I had to suppress the urge to buy her biography and cookbook…what an inspiration she was! Instead, I opted to go home and fix something nice for supper. (But first I disgraced her memory by eating a blue berry pop tart…the shame was almost too much for me, but I muscled through it) I ended up making some rosemary pork chops with sauteed zucchini and some pasta as a side…I know, the pasta doesn’t really fit, but I am just a 20-something American. The zucchini was amazing, if I do say so myself. The kids inhaled it as soon as the prayer was said….yeah, impressive.

Weighed down by a hearty meal, we all collapsed on the couch in a butter-coma and watched classic cartoons until bedtime. (It killed me to use so much butter to cook the zucchini, but Julia used massive amounts of it and lived until her 90’s, so I felt somewhat justified in using it)

Bedtime was a carbon copy of the usual routine…brush teeth, round up all necessary sleeping accessories and a barrage of hugs and kisses from Jaden and Fisher both. The bedtime prayer, though, was a little different tonight. Jaden was saying it in perfect order until the end, when she swapped things up a bit: “…if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to rake.” Take, rake…they’re pretty much the same, right? ;) It reminded me of Fisher’s version of our meal-time prayer where he always says, “…by His hands, we are Fred…” Hey, at least they know their rhyming words. *smile*

Well, that’s it for me. I’m about to join Jordan on the floor. He is trying to coax Denny to walk through one of the kids play tunnels…he does not seem to trust the long, crinkly, red tunnel…who could blame him?


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