One down, another waiting in the wings

14 Aug

As you all know, Fisher has two loose teeth, which we just discovered. Since their discovery, Fisher has spent most of his time in front of a mirror, wiggly the little teeth for all their worth in hopes of them falling out. *shudder* I don’t know about y’all, but I hated losing teeth. I was quite content to let them dangle by a thread for as long as they wanted. No rush. No hurry. Take your time. Jaden & Fisher, on the other hand, have a vendetta against loose teeth. They must be evicted from their gums as soon as they show the slightest signs of movement. So it was no surprise when Fisher was over heard asking Jaden to pull his tooth for him. *another shudder* I don’t think I’d want a near 7 year old to take on such a job. Thankfully, he waited until I got home to let me have the honors. Nothing like yanking a tooth out of your child’s head and listening to it pop loudly on it’s way out. I was fighting back nauseous. Fisher, however, didn’t even blink. Kudos, Fishman. You have nerves of steel.

After I dislodged the little bugger, we all headed outside for a photo-op. Just be warned, he had just got done chugging some Kool-Aid, so that’s not blood around his mouth.

“Fisher, stop squinting your eyes…open them up wide for me so I can get a good picture. Wow. Thanks.”

Ahhh…there we go. He couldn’t keep his tongue from investigating the new opening. It kept poking in and out every few seconds….gross-ness. That’s part of losing teeth, though. Your tongue is drawn to the opening like a magnet.

Fisher wanted to make sure that we got a picture of the actual tooth. I placed it in a bag, so it wouldn’t get lost…it’s quite tiny. He carried it with him around the house for about an hour before he set it down to watch cartoons. ;)

At first Fisher didn’t want to give up his tooth. He wanted to keep it…because who doesn’t want a pile of teeth sitting around? ;) Of course, once bedtime rolled around he decided to stick it under his pillow for the tooth fairy to find. Wish her luck! *wink*

After the tooth pulling lost it’s interest, we met up with my mom, Charles & Wren at a local eatery to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. A percentage of all sales went to the society. We had a great time sitting out on the porch, listening to a local blue grass band play. Fisher and Jaden literally inhaled their meal and moved on to check out every one’s left overs. This, was not a wise move. After a while, Fisher came and sat with me on my lap…which was fine until he puked on me. Poor little guy. I felt so bad for him…and all of the other patrons that had to witness a volcanic-like spew of macaroni and diced fruit. Fisher took the brunt of the food projectiles, while I escaped with only my right leg effected. Mmm, nothing like soggy, puke clothes. The only comical part was watching Charles trying to eat his supper while the waitress, my mom & I tried to mop up the mess. He moved his chair over to the corner, hunched over his food and tried not to look. You could almost hear him chanting in his head, “Find a happy place, find a happy place.” ;)

After the food show, we took Fisher home to wash up and rest on the couch. I think the two pillows, three blankets and “Puppy,” his stuffed animal dog toy made his stomach feel better…that and a generous helping of Scooby Doo re-runs.

Now I’m off to play tooth fairy. It’s a job that sounds so simple, but turns out to be some of the scariest & nerve-racking seconds of your life. Each exhale could be the signal that you’re about to get caught. Should you wait, or go ahead and dive in under the pillow…and what about the exchange? *sigh* Who thought this up, anyway?


2 Responses to “One down, another waiting in the wings”

  1. Amy Lynn August 14, 2009 at 2:31 AM #

    I am glad you explained about the kool-aid. I was wondering how bad that tooth pulling was! :)And I am NOT looking forward to playing tooth fairy. I can only imagine how stressful that is. *shudder*

  2. sherri August 14, 2009 at 2:04 AM #

    Oh girl…you hit the nail on the head with your description of Charles….I was affraid we would be cleaning up after him also. I had a good time with you all…that's what life is all about. Good luck tonight with the tooth fairy…I remember holding my breath and tip toeing around in hopes of not getting caught….love you all!

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