Now, that’s an understatment

14 Aug

Today was Fisher’s first day of Pre-K, which has garnered much excitement between Jordan & I over the past few weeks. It became quite apparent this that Fisher did not share that same excitement. I got an inkling that he was none too thrilled to be heading to Pre-K when he announced for the fifth time in the car this morning, “I don’t want to go to school.” A valid statement. He seemed irritated by the idea, but not distressed in the least. Distress, however, hit in it’s full fury as soon as we pulled up to Pre-K. As soon as I stepped out of the car I found that I had grown an extra leg in the form of Fisher. I literally marched both of us inside where Fisher took harbor in the doorway of his classroom. Somehow gravity would not allow him to move any further into his room…it’s funny how that happens. After few minutes of coaxing, I was at least able to get him in the vicinity of his chair. The chair was worse than the doorway. It induced instant, unstoppable tears that flowed in a torrent for five minutes. As the tears slowed, Mrs. Betty, his teacher, came over to assist in the “dropping off” process. He cried and mumbled unintelligible protests as the teacher plucked him from my leg. She even held him in place in his chair while I made my escape. It was not a pleasant morning.

In other news, Jordan & Denny were delighted to have the house to themselves once again. *wink*

The work day passed by like frozen molasses out of a jar and I was relieved to see 5:00 flash up on the office clock. I swung by the grocery store than headed for home. I must have missed the memo that today was “Crazy Driver Day,” because I almost got ran into twice on the way home. Supper was ready in a flash, since it doesn’t take long to cook shrimp. However, let me say for the record that peeling and de-veining shrimp are a few of my least favorite things. I felt like the walking dead once supper was eating and cleaned up, so I made a bee-line for the bathtub to soak in some hot water and ease my muscles. All that was missing were those little scented candles….darn. Of course the one time I want to relax in the bathtub is the one time that the creature that lives under our house/in our walls decides to play around under the bathtub. Relaxation was had by no one. The scratching sound made by the creature’s claws was liken to finger nails on a chalk board and I like to think that my pounding fist on the bottom of the bathtub made the creature just as unsettled. I’m sure that it was just laughing at me instead.


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