All hail the homework coupon

12 Aug

Wednesday! I’m hoping that if I sound excited about today, that maybe it will pass by quickly. *fingers crossed* It’s only 9:15am and I have much to tell. I’m trying a new technique for the blog today, so bare with me. It’ll be kind of like a play-by-play…as you read it, make sure that you sound like a sports newscaster. Their monotone, nasal-like dissertations on the events of the sport’s world are somewhat appealing to me. *wink*

Fisher always sits in the bathroom with me as I dry my hair every morning. Well, let me rephrase…he snoops about the bathroom as I dry my hair, there is hardly any sitting going on. He discovered a tin of tiny Altoids on my bedside table this morning and proceeded to taste each one in an attempt to find one that he liked. I guess he didn’t catch on the the fact that they all taste the same. ;) During his taste-testing montage, I discovered his first loose tooth! If doing homework with Jaden every night hasn’t made me feel old, than the thought of having two children with missing teeth certainly does. He hadn’t noticed that it was loose yet, but once I mentioned it, he spent the rest of the morning glued to a mirror, wiggly the little tooth back and forth. Knowing Fisher, I doubt the tooth will be with us for much longer.

At lunch time I came across a disgusting mess in our alley. There is a house that sits on the corner of our alley that has been the bane of my existence ever since we moved in April. It has stood vacant with a jungle for a yard and a swamp for a pool for an immeasurable amount of time. I was delighted to find that a lawn service had come by a few weeks ago to tame the beast that was the yard of this property. However, today they decided to drain the pool into the alley and thus down to the storm sewer drain. When I described the pool as a swamp, I was not exaggerating. I still am trying to figure out how all the algae and miscellaneous clumps of goo were able to travel down the drain hose and into the alley. Let me just say that the smell that resulted from this outpouring of death was foul at it’s best & toxic at it’s worst. Oddly enough, I wasn’t very hungry once I got home. Fisher spent most of the time running back and forth from the bathroom mirror to look at his loose tooth…upon further inspection, I have found another loose tooth…so he’s got two loose. I’m sure that two missing teeth will not slow down his ability to eat. ;)

I never thought I’d be more excited than Jaden about her not having to do homework tonight. Thank goodness for the homework coupon! She can use it to get out of doing homework for one night and she has decided to use it tonight. Ahhhh. Maybe I can finally get some laundry folded and put away. (Right) It’s amazing the progression of time loss as you get older. I just thought that I did not have any surplus time on my hands once I had children….ha! Now I scoff at such a statement. You truly have no time to yourself once your child starts school and has homework, because their homework also becomes your homework.

Well, I’d better go if I want to enjoy a homework free night! (Pssst…I’m not going to fold laundry. Shocker, I know)


One Response to “All hail the homework coupon”

  1. Glenda August 14, 2009 at 3:17 PM #

    I know the feeling. As each of my three sons went through a grade I felt like I was repeating that grade all over again. By the time the last one finished High School I felt like I had gone through High School three time. Enough already.Time! No time will never be our ownAGAIN. We love, we give, we are women, we are blessed. Aunt Glenda

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