11 Aug

Monday did not fail me this week. It was chock full of all the little niceties that Mondays have to offer. Crazy tenants at work, embarrassing myself in public & apologizing more than once for something that was out of my control. Ahhh, Monday.

8:30am made itself known by kicking off a string of phone calls from a hoard of angry tenants. I like to picture them as peasants with pitch forks and chickens at their feet…it fit the tone of their voice. “What, you got a late letter…I’m sorry ma’am, that was sent in error.” “You went the entire weekend without air conditioning? I sincerely apologize.” How many ways you can say that you’re sorry? Evidently a lot. I was thankfully when lunch time rolled around so I could go home and relax with my boys. (Jaden is back in school & Fisher doesn’t start Pre-K until Friday, thus it’s just Jordan, Denny & Fisher at home this week) An hour at home passes by twice as fast as an hour spent at work…I’m sure Confucius must have said that at some point. I swung by the gas station on the way back to the office and thus began my study in running into stationary objects. First I ran head-long into the paper towel dispenser on the side of the pump. Luckily only 5 people witness this little incident. Then, when I returned to work, I ran, and I do mean ran, into a door frame. I looked like one of those people you see in the Jello Pudding Cup commercials. If only I had that on film…alas, my dreams of Jello stardom may never come true.

Speaking of television, yesterday Jordan & I decided to downgrade our satellite package, since we only watch 10 of the 200 channels we had. Somewhere in the downgrading process, we ended up with Boomerang…which is truly the best channel on TV. The kids like it a lot…Jordan LOVES it. As I am typing, I can hear Jordan exclaiming, “Dexter’s Laboratory?!” *siiiiiiiigh* “I’d give one of my fingers to have that on DVD!” “I love this channel!” Yep, that’s my husband. :) I absolutely adore him.

But Boomerang is not my main bragging point for the evening…

Tonight was Jaden’s first night of homework! *gush of pride* She is no longer a little girl, but a big girl. I can almost hear the wedding bells in the distance…she is growing up so fast! After working on homework for much longer than I had expected, I was shocked to hear Jaden say that she wanted to go to sleep, and not just sleep, but to sleep in late. Those are the words of a student. :D

Bask in the glow of her studious-ness! We worked on homework for an hour and a half. (Did anyone do that much homework in first grade?!) She took it in stride and excelled at her work.

Seeing her sitting at the kitchen table, doing homework by herself made my heart ache with pride. I could not be more proud nor more thankful that I have been blessed with such a wonderful daughter.

We finished off her homework with 20 minutes of reading, which was required. She was amazing. Listening to her reading me a book was one of the best moments of parenthood thus far. I cannot wait to experience the rest.

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