Dirty Boy Denny

7 Aug

Denny is a dirty boy…er, dog. The term “yard dog,” when used to describe a smelly dog, was surely coined just for Denny, even though it was in common use long before his conception. His fur is water resistant, which might be because it is extra absorbent when it comes to scents.

Thus, tonight Denny got a bath. Which meant that I had to evict the sea creature that lives in Jaden & Fisher’s bathtub. (I’m sure that Denny would not fully appreciate the extra elbow room in my walk-in shower…actually, he would be terrified just by the fact that water was berating him with more PSI than he’s ever experienced outside in the rain) Either way, Nessie was sequestered in the sink temporarily while Denny got full run of the bathtub.

Daw! (That’s my special word for something that is particularly cute/pitiful…take your pick) It only took three minutes of pouring water over him to penetrate his fur.

Oh, the familiar look of unease. It’s accentuated by his large ears, which look double-sized when his fur is wet. We opted not to use the Sponge Bob loofah.

You can almost see his soul shattering in his eyes…poor little guy. Thankfully, he was in and out in a record amount of time. He now smells of grass with a generous helping of lavender. Who knew they made Lavender shampoo for puppies? Guess it worked so well for babies, pet companies decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, Denny was not soothed nor drowsy after his lavender bath. He was hyper…maybe with excitement over being clean or maybe for the fact that he was plotting his revenge. *fingers crossed*

Pitiful puppies aside, I got to return to work today. (Boo) (Boo Hoo) I limped about the office at the speed of Mr. Leonard and grunted just like him when I had to get up and down from my chair. (FYI: Mr. Leonard is my grandmother’s husband that occupies the office next to mine…he is in his late 70’s…I think) It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. Which isn’t saying much. It was still work, on a Friday, at the beginning of the month when busy-ness abounds.

Well, that’s all folks. Fisher is cleaning his room and is in need of some goading and Jaden has just announced that she cannot remember how to take off her shirt. Alas, those two, tiny buttons! She can’t possibly take a bath with her shirt still on. It’s amazing really…she took off the same shirt with ease just days ago. Intermittent Childhood Amnesia is such a pain.


One Response to “Dirty Boy Denny”

  1. Wren August 8, 2009 at 2:46 AM #

    hahaha I love your blog :D

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