It has come to pass

22 Jul

…That I have nothing of interest to blog about. (the horror!) Calm down people, calm down. We all knew this day would come. Take deep breaths, just like we rehearsed. Good. Now, there are some minor topics of mild interest I can report about:

For starters, I forgot to mention that after I got out of the ER Sunday night, Jordan took me to the golden arches to get something to eat. I know, I’ve long been a nay-sayer as far as McDonald’s is concerned, but the number two combo is amazing when served hot. Anyway, so we stopped at the nearest McDonald’s on North Slappey and parked in the parking lot to enjoy our meal child-free. (aids in the digestion, you know) We inhaled our food and went to crank up the car so we could head home….only, the car wouldn’t crank. (No!!! *shaking fists at sky*) It was ALMOST comical. Thankfully, mom & Charles came to save the day…again.

Fastforward to today: We had to go to Wal-Mart to get a new battery. I HATE Wal-Mart. Loathe it. Despise it. I only go there if I absolutely have to. Our Wal-Mart is unlike any other Wal-Mart in the country….it’s no wonder we have a high suicide rate. We quickly made our way through the death trap and escaped with only minor abraisions. (whew)

As soon as we got home, Jordan set to work installing my new battery…which was more difficult than it really should be. After ten minutes and several exclamations of, “WHAT?!” the job was done. Jordan says it was no problem since he is all that is man. *wink* Thank you, my manly man, you.

Well, that’s it for today. (Collective “Aw!”) Jordan leaves for the Comic-Con in San Diego tomorrow, so you will all have my dark cloud of lonliness to enjoy tomorrow. (Yea for you!) :D


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