"Like sand through an hour glass…"

20 Jul

“…So are the days of our lives.” I’m not sure that daytime soap operas could top the events of yesterday. I apologize for missing my daily post, but I was too doped up on med’s to type last night. (How often do you get to say that?) Actually, I tried to type last night, but after three failed attempts to type the first sentence, I had to give up.

So, where better to start than the beginning:

Yesterday morning was fabulous: The weather was actually cool, the humidity was low and the sun was out…quite different from what we’ve been experiencing. Jordan had worked late the night before, so the kids, Denny & I all went outside to enjoy the nice weather and to let Jordan get some sleep. I decided to rake the yard and trim up a few of the bushes…which made the kids very jealous. How many kids beg to do yard work? So, I set them to it. (maniacal laugh) ;) Jaden swept off the front porch and walk-way and Fisher raked up some pinestraw for me while I trimmed bushes. Denny lounged in the shade of the bushes…he couldn’t let the pinestraw get blown away. *wink*

And here are my ambitious little workers. Fisher loved the small hand pruners and didn’t want to give them up. (Kinda scary)

Of course, all that ambition died when we got to the back yard. They only had eyes for the driveway and they made short work of decorating it for me. Above is a cake Jaden made for me.

…and here is a monster truck Fisher drew for me. (cuteness)

Ever seen a game of hopscotch that went all the way to 15? No? Well then, you’re in for a treat. The problem is, only people with a size 13T shoe can maneauver this tiny course.

The day took a turn for the worse once we went inside. Who would have guessed that all that yard work would have aggrevated my hernia? *psh* (Why is it that hindsight is 20/20?) So, shockingly enough, by 1:00pm I was doubled over in pain…that kind that looks like a dying bug…you know, fetal position and twitching…yeah, that kind. Thankfully enough, Wren & Big Daddy were in the area. Big Daddy stayed to watch the kids for us, and Wren, Jordan, my mom & I took off for Phoebe…the hospital with a heart. (bahaha!) Now, typical hopsital SOP’s dictate that the patient in the most pain must wait the longest in the waiting room, and I must say the Phoebe Putney was spot on. I briefly entertained the idea of calling out to the Lord for mercy, you know, to speed things along, but I took pitty upon my follow patients and did not. Once I got a room, I had to hurry up and wait for the CT contrast solution disguised as lemonaid to work it’s way through my body. (Mmm, lip smacking goodness) Who doesn’t like drinking contrast solution? The two hour wait flew by, especially once I was fitted with an IV, a backless gown that barely covered my buttocks and the most pathetical bedsheet you’ve ever seen. Next, I was swept off to the CT room to get my picture taken. I think my favorite part was this tiny sticker that was just below this large, red beam that said: “WARNING! Do not stare into the beam!” Yikes, too late!! ;) Before I was taken back to my room, the nurse shot me up with some anti-nausea medicine and some of their finest pain killers. I can’t find the words to describe that stuff…craziness in a bottle? No. What about Pcsychedelic Sedation? No. Ooo…how about the Lets-Make-The-Room-Spin-And-Your-Mouth-Dry-Out-Special? Yeah…that’s good enough. Needless to say I could still feel the pain, but I didn’t care.

So, what did my six hours at the ER get me? Not much. Just some numb toes, a cold booty, a head that felt funky, a spit-less mouth for the next 6-12 hours & a referral to a surgeon the next morning. (I didn’t even get a T-shirt!)

This morning, however, I did get some results: The surgeon I met with did find my elusive hernia and will need to do surgery to repair it. Surgery = No fun. Relief after 15 months = Excellent.


3 Responses to “"Like sand through an hour glass…"”

  1. Raine July 21, 2009 at 12:46 PM #

    Oh yeah, that's right. I finally got out of the ER, went to McDonald's for a bite to eat, then my car wouldn't start! Dead battery…*sigh*…it was ALMOST comical.I have to call Monday to set a date for the Surgery, which will hopefully be soon b/c I'm quite pitiful feeling. :p

  2. sherri July 21, 2009 at 2:15 AM #

    Raine….you forgot the exciting part that happened after you left the hospital…you know…the Micky D's episode….love you…mama

  3. Amy Lynn July 20, 2009 at 9:05 PM #

    After all that I definitely think you should have received a t-shirt. I mean, seriously. Boo for surgery! When do you go through that excitement?

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