The Office…Southwest GA style

18 Jul

Can anyone say TGIF? This week has flown by in a blur of crazy moments and seemingly endless hours. The kids are nearing the end of their summer break, for which Jordan & I both are thankful. Not that we don’t enjoy the extra time with them, but it would be nice to have them expend their near-boundless reserves of energy at school then at home. Even now as I’m typing, Jordan is off to investigate some terrifyingly loud noises coming from Jaden’s room. Keep in mind that Jaden and Fisher are suppose to be cleaning it up…not making it worse. 

Work was…typical today. One of our “favorite” tenants called today. (By favorite I mean the least favorite of all…legendary in the amount of irritation he imposes upon us) After hanging up on said favorite tenant…that’s right, when the curse words start flying, the receiver goes down…I sat contemplating on how best to relay this experience to all of you. Instead, I decided to give you all of tour of my “humble” work area.

We’ll start off with my office…which, when this building was a house, is located in the old garage. Notice the open window…ascetically pleasing to the eye and key to keeping myself cool during the summer months. My office is usually at least 5 degrees hotter than the rest of the building. Talk about being special. ;)
Ah…THE window. I spend many a long afternoon standing here. How do you like the camera angle? I’ve decided to call it “cockroach cam” since it’s from the ground looking up….and since this is usually the spot on the carpet where I find a dead cockroach. Though sometimes I wonder if we have opossum roaches, because they’ll be in the dead roach position, legs straight up, but then an hour later they’ll have moved about a foot from where I originally found them. The thing I love most about the window is the random architecture. What’s up with the random draw under the typewriter? And What about the clip-board containment area? I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to crawl off.


I scaled the counter to get this bird’s eye view of the tenant room. (By the way, there’s enough dust on top of the partition to grow corn…I could make my own fuel at work!) My favorite part of the picture is the state of the door. Notice the dirt/grease/sweat/misc. bodily fluid stain on the door. All so deeply embedded in the wood, that it is impossible to get it clean. All of which is framed by the peeling, straw wallpaper….a nice touch, I think.

And here is where the magic happens. From these three, lovely chairs (most of which are falling apart) tenants apply to rent property, take naps as they wait for family members to pick them up and basically hurl insults over the window at me. It’s a magical place.

I think I’ve just about capture the full sense of style present in our office in this one picture. Straw wallpaper, green paint and faded/stained rainbow Berber carpet. It’s is truly a piece of art.

And last, but not least, my favorite feature of our office. The bathroom…what, you can’t see it? *sigh* It’s right behind the overly large wooden structure. I like to think of it as an archway to solitude. This is supposed to be a rack to store air filters on, but we just haven’t gotten around to putting it in the storage room yet. So, every day, we crawl through it to get to the bathroom. 

All this said, I do have some fun moments in this office, no matter how run down and just strange weird it is. :)


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