Bring out the holy water

16 Jul

If you thought sweaty OJ man was tops, check out this gem of a tenant:

It’s been relatively quite this afternoon, thank God, until the phone rang a moment ago. Apprently one of our tenants is scared half to death and needs to move immediately. See, the Lord just told him that about 12 years ago the person living in his apartment at the time was a witch and practiced witchcraft. Now, the aparment was full of demons and ghosts. Who could live in those conditions, right? My boss, being the fair man that he is, told the gentleman that we did not have a “haunted house” clause in our lease, but he would see what he could do. Now, don’t jump to conclusions, we have faced this problem before. (I kid you not) Last time a lucky horse shoe and a liberal coating of holy water did the trick. (No lie) However, these sound like some pretty fiesty demons, so we may need to step it up a bit. I think I still have a rabbits foot left over from junior high…*sigh*…but then again, maybe not. Gosh darn it.

I tried out a bottle of Lindeman’s Pinot Grigio 2008 last night…not bad. I quite enjoyed it and instantly wished that I had some grilled shrimp to go with it. Of course I didn’t have any, so I opted for a blueberry pop tart instead. Surprisingly enough, it was not a wise choice. Who knew?

The other point of note from last night was what happened at supper, or should I say, didn’t happen. Jaden & Fisher are, lets say, enthusiastic eaters. Usually at least some part of the meal ends up on them, the table or the floor…never fails. So you can understand the trepidation I felt as I prepared chili cheese dogs last night. I gave my well-rehearsed and long-winded speach on how to eat cautiously and carefully and then braced myself for the result of my children’s selective hearing. Five minutes ticked by without incident….then ten…fifteen. Good grief, when was it going to happen? When was the mouthful of chili going to go flying?! Then it was over…they took their last bite of their mutilated, but relatively whole hot dogs. They’d eaten the entire thing without any evidence of it’s passing. A miracle!! I am almost certain that a chior of angels were singing somewhere. Even their napkins were as pristine as they day they were packaged. :D


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