Am I at work or a mental institution?

15 Jul

I haven’t stopped to check my almanac, but it must be a full moon today…or maybe the planets have aligned in such a way that all the crazies have been drawn like a magnet to my office. Either way, all I can say is God, save us. Let me just say that I have spent the better part of the day dealing with the ignorant, the immature, the selfish and the devious. Then, just a moment ago, THE tenant of the day came in. He trumpped all others. Words do not exist to describe the shear horror that was this man. *shudder*

My office is nothing special, you could even say that it is a little “eccentric.” Picture 70’s straw wall paper, hunter green paint and 90’s black & rainbow berber carpet….oh yeah. Not to mention the “artwork” hanging on the walls. *hack* Enter stage left, the angry tenant. He is not your normal tenant, annoying, uneducated, etc… Oh no, he is notorious for not taking a bath. Our 1,400 SQFT office was filled with his stench in mere seconds. Unfortunately, I could not get to the “special” candle I keep on my desk for just such an occasion. He bursts into the office, stench blazing, with his man-boobs straining against is too-tight-T-shirt that was literally dripping in sweat…practically pouring off of him onto our counter. And the best part was the fact that he had walked all the way to our office from his home, 5 miles, while chugging down a gallon of orange juice he carried in his hand….which spilled and mixed with the pool of sweat on the coutner. After his grand entrance, it was the usual business from there. Of course I could hardly focus on his tirade of insanity for the fact that I was trying to control my gag reflex. Mr. sweaty OJ, as I am calling him, was the icing on the cake for the mid-week madness that we have been experiencing. *siiiiiiiiiigh*

On a different note, Denny went to his first Vet visit today. (collective “Aw!”) The poor little guy…he ran into the Vet’s office like he was going to the fair. His little tail was wagging as hard as it could at the excitiment he was sure to find at the vet’s office. Sad to say, there was none to be found. He got the usual: shots, temperature check…the whole 9 yards. Jaden & Fisher couldn’t bare to watch the vet give him his shots. ;) In the end he didn’t seem to be worse for wear, so I think he’ll make it. *wink*


2 Responses to “Am I at work or a mental institution?”

  1. Raine July 16, 2009 at 2:29 AM #

    I know! I thought the same thing! (However, Ellen Paige has better hygiene) ;)

  2. Amy Lynn July 16, 2009 at 1:19 AM #

    BAHAHA. Nice. Now I have a mental picture of that guy!! I must say the scene of him walking drinking a gallon of OJ kind of reminds me of Juno. lol

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