Muscle or elbow?

10 Jul

Yesterday was a typical day: I was woken up by Fisher ten mintues before my alarm was scheduled to go off and everyone knows that those last ten mintues are the best. I was rushed along all morning my the children’s cries for food and Denny’s incessant ankle biting….he’s so “frisky” when he first wakes up. He has now taken a liking to the front yard, which means that I get to parade around the front yard in my PJ’s for all my neighbors to see. Lovely. I’m sure that they love my “Denmark knows BBQ” t-shirt and green, plaid boxers…that’s right, boxers. Hey, they’re comfy. After my front yard fashion show, it was off to work. This time of the month is a slow time, which makes eight hours seem like sixteen. By the end of the day we’d all had our fill of grumpy tenants and a truck load full of Guatemalans that camped out by my desk for two hours straight. By five o’cock I was ready to give myself our special office award:

The Jack*ss Award

My boss commissioned me to make this masterpiece one afternoon, when we’d all suffered through one of our co-workers foul mood.

The day ended with a walk around the neighborhood in the oppressive humidity. The only bright spot in the walk was when Fisher showed off his muscle, which he thinks is his elbow. *laugh*

Before bed, we all watched the animated Doctor Who movie: Infinite Quest.

We have long since finished watching all of the Doctor Who seasons and needed a Doctor fix. This fit the bill perfectly. It was so nice to hear David Tennant’s voice again. (He’s our favorite Doctor and we’re not so sure how we feel about the new one that will take his place in 2010)


2 Responses to “Muscle or elbow?”

  1. Raine July 10, 2009 at 7:13 PM #

    Yeppers. Since I've been enjoying yours so much, I decided to start up one for Jordan's family who live in Oklahoma. I figured it's a good way to keep everyone up to date even if we don't see them that much.

  2. Amy Lynn July 10, 2009 at 6:56 PM #

    Yay! You have a blog! How fun! :)I am loving that your son thinks his muscle is his elbow. It made me giggle a bit.

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